Contemporary Artist

The Bridge


Heidi Karo’s works explore new avenues. She moves from the flat surface of traditional painting; a focus for many years, to producing a multi-sensory art experience. Using a combination of sound and moving image projected onto discarded cardboard boxes, she stacks, straps and paints the structures, transforming original purpose and meaning. Using sound recordings of her Estonian Grandmother speaking in 1981 and recent footage taken during a visit to Estonia as her muse, she responds with personal symbols and unique representations. Heidi engages with the importance of cultural belonging and family stories. She investigates language and communication. Heidi negotiates the spaces created between people and builds bridges; both physical and conceptual. She reflects and responds to her making process through painting, writing and drawing, recording the development of the work as it progresses.

July20 1964 Linda Karothe bridge

(Top) Great grandmother in Estonia on Father’s side. (Middle) Initial work from The Bridge. (Below) Fellow Artist in residence, Joe Felber with Heidi Karo during collaborative installation.


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